C64 Walkabout : A PC in a VIC-20?

Here is a nice article and interview with me about my VIC-20 PC.

With all of the talk about the C64x and the “return of the Commodore 64“, something broke through the noise for me last week, namely a Twitter user’s mention that he had done the PC-in-Commodore-clothing thing himself before Commodore USA made plans for mass-producing such a thing. He shared some photos, and I was duly impressed.

Most impressive of all perhaps was the working original VIC-20 keyboard, integrated through the use of a component available online called Keyrah. Keyrah also provides two old style joystick ports, and all through USB. Read more about Keyrah here: http://www.vesalia.de/e_keyrah.htm

Read the rest of the article here. A PC in a VIC-20? Yes.

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