Retro Computer inspired USB PC Keyboards & Mice Kickstarter launched

I love the look of these keyboards and mice – I have already backed the Amstrad CPC edition keyboard and mouse.

More information on this campaign can be found here : Retro Computer inspired USB PC Keyboards & Mice by Simulant

This Kickstarter campaign is to raise the production and manufacturing funds to produce a range of modern retro inspired USB PC keyboards and mice. The aim is to manufacture matching mice and membrane keyboards in designs styled to match and take influence from Amiga, Amstrad, Sinclair and Acorn computers. The keyboards can then be used with modern PC systems, as well as with classic retro systems (via adapters). They’re also perfect for emulator setups like RetroPie, MiSTer or FPGA devices – and ideal for custom project builds too 🙂

New Amiga keyboard and mouse
Retro inspired USB keyboard and mouse being used with a Raspberry Pi

Retro-inspired computer keyboards & mice in styles to match Acorn, Amiga, Amstrad & Sinclair computers – USB for modern PCs & emulators.

Simulat 'Retro' USB keyboards and mice
Five retro-influenced Mice and Keyboards – USB for modern systems with PS/2 backwards compatibility so they can be used with retro hardware via adapters.

Why back these awesome looking input devices?

The significance of backing this campaign is huge!! With your support I can help establish a plentiful availability of modern input devices for both new and classic Retro computer systems in the style and colours of your old favourite machines. A nice new keyboard but with a retro colour-scheme! They’ll look the part alongside your classic, modern or emulated computers.

The first production run is for Amiga, Amstrad, Sinclair and Acorn inspired styles. If I reach my target the plan is to continue and release further variations and different retro computer themed designs based on other systems.

Even if you’re not a retro computer user or retro gamer, let’s face it; most modern keyboards just have no distinctiveness or grace. These keyboards will look fantastic and add a little bit of nostalgia to your desk!! How cool and awesome would it be to use a keyboard with Amstrad CPC coloured keys on your Intel i7 PC?

Please take a look at the kickstarter, and make your pledge!

Retro Computer inspired USB PC Keyboards & Mice by Simulant

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