Another satisfied HxC floppy emulator user!

Amiga: State of the ArtBlake Patterson of is another happy user of the HxC floppy disk emulator. He discovered this wonderful device after reading this post. The SD Card based HxC Floppy Emulator

One of the problems (and hassles) of playing with certain vintage computers today is their dependence on floppy disk media.

While floppies manufactured way back when keep their bits together far longer than you might think — around 95% of my Apple II 5.25-inch floppies from the late ’80s are fully readable — time does take its toll. “New” double density 5.25- and 3.5-inch floppies are basically impossible to source, though random sacks of used floppies are pretty easy to find on eBay. But, even so and despite the charm of occasionally sliding a floppy into a drive, we’ve all long ago gotten used to launching apps from a fixed disk, making the floppy shuffle a bit of a hassle.

You can read the rest of the writeup on – My SDCard HxC 2001 Floppy Emulator Adventure

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