Various useful old manuals for a selection of old computers, consoles, accessories and software.

Acorn Manuals

BBC Master 512 User Guide (PDF)
BBC Master Welcome Guide (PDF)
BBC Master Service Manual (RTF)

RetroClinic DataCentre Manual (PDF)

BBC 128K RAM ROM Board by IFEL – Install Guide (PDF)

Adapt RGB Interface

Adapt RGB video interface for the ZX Spectrum (JPG) – Thanks to for sending me this document!

Amstrad CPC

ROMBO Redux Deluxe – Brilliant ROM board for the Amstrad CPC range of computers.

Zaxon USB Floppy Emulator

E-MU PCI Card Manual

Audio Production Studio & APS E-Card (PDF) – I also have the original CD that came with this. Contact me if you would like a copy.

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