MMBEEB Image Files / beeb.mmb

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You can download the beeb.mmb file for you MMBEEB device from here. The MMBEEB is a simple SD card to user port interface for the Acorn BBC group of micros. You can put 100s of BBC applications and games on a SD card – no loading from tape, floppy or hard disk required!

MMBEEB Device with micro SD card inserted

I have tested these files on my BBC Model B and all work with no issues. I use the SD2BBC from The Future Was 8bit and also a device supplied by Retro Clinic.

If you have any issues with these files, please let me know.

2 thoughts on “MMBEEB Image Files / beeb.mmb

  1. I already have a card reader with the Turbo MMC Rom required to read it. Is this simpler approach? (no rom, just run a command on boot, or hold down keys to boot into a menu?) My sad old Beeb works just fine but if there is an easier approach, I am all for it. Great to see some love for the machine still exists. PS, thanks!!!

    1. There is a way to make the BBC auto-boot on power up. It is possible to make auto-booting ROM images. All you need to do is write a tiny basic program that triggers the MMC menu you are using and then get it burned onto an EPROM. Install that puppy into your machine and you are all set. I had a BBC Micro expert throw together a program that lets you build the Rom images. My posts are on the stardot forums.

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