New Amstrad CPC game – Crazy Blaster

Crazy Blaster cassette for the Amstrad CPC

A brand new game on cassette for the Amstrad CPC has been released – Crazy Blaster. And it only costs £4.99!

You and your superior spaceship are the most important part of the Tech Wise Astro Team.

Your mission is to rescue the Universe #obvs

A bunch of poor cosmonauts are missing and you must find them all. Visit different planets. Destroy all those nasty outerspace ememies, collect all items and go back to the base.

May the rubber goddess of the deeps be with you.

You can purchase this game in it glorious golden tape form from The Future Was 8 Bit – Amstrad – Crazy Blaster

This game is also available for the Commodore 64 and Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

My copy for the Amstrad CPC can be found here : Amstrad CPC – Crazy Blaster

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