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Hello and thank you for visiting M1NER’s Retro Computing Collection! My name is Andy and I’m a collector of retro computers and retro games. I live in a town called Whittlesey which is near Peterborough in the East of England.

I have a mixture of systems in my collection from many manufacturers including Amstrad, Acorn, Apple, Commodore, Sega, Research Machines, Nintendo, and Tatung. My first ever computer I had access to at home was a Commodore VIC-20, then a Amstrad CPC6128 then onto PCs and Apple Macintoshes. I have been ‘retro computing & gaming’ for about 15 years now.

The first computer I used at school was a BBC Model B – a proper vintage computer. When I moved up into secondary school, we used RM Nimbus PC-186. (Not so cool machines! Well, apart from some games like Trains)

I also volunteer the “The Center for Computing History” which is the UK computing museum based in Cambridge. I was at VCF 2010 at Bletchley Park, and many smaller events between 2011 and 2019. You can read more about the museum on their website http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/

I’m also a licensed amateur radio operator. My primary station call-sign is M1NER. Take a look at my page about my radio station here : M1NER.co.uk

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  1. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for stopping by. I like your blog. My first computer was a Texas Instruments TI994A. I wish I still had it – not necessarily for use, just for nostalgia.

  2. Small world. You can`t have them but I still use two Amiga 1200s daily in my music studio!
    One is heading out to France with me to one of our houses out there when I go back in February.
    Not much of an Amiga scene in france, sadly.

    I will ask my brother in the USa if he has any TIs hanging around.


  3. can we talk? re- about getting an interface for bbc via the usb interface?? Would like to hear from you. I live in Bletchley.

  4. hi sometimes wish to live in the UK, i’m from Portugal, an it’s hard to find the old stuff in my countryme and my brother collect old computers like you, but our collection is like a drop on the ocean near yours, our favorite “baby” are the amigas, thank God i still have my 1200 for 16 years now and he still works, also have two amiga 500, and we bought recently another 1200 on ebay. uk. we have a dream…it’s the amiga 4000 but it’s so hard to get…

  5. oops, i forget to tell you about the rest of our collection, we also have two Commodore 64, our first computer it’a about 20 years now since my father bought it for us ,and is still running the other i bought it from a friend. we also have the ZX spectrum 48k, one 48k plus, one 128k+, one 128k +2, one timex sinclair 2048k.

  6. i wonder if you could give me any advice on where to sell my Amiga 4000, inc 126 games, Os v3.1. and roughly how much it might be worth.

  7. Hi Andy, nice collection you have there, I am a collector myself, very few people are collecting retro computers, hard to find anyone interested in old computers, so glad to find your website.

  8. trex 24mhz no cpc+ support? can anyone answer if teh + can scroll more than one video ram page? could it scroll two that were being interlaced?
    sam coupe

  9. Hi tom I wonder if you could help me I have recently come across an amstrad dmp 2000 dot matrix printer with all cables and intructions. Would you be interested I’m in leicester

  10. Hello Andy! I like the page and I wanted to let you know, I just released digitally a music album called Dreamnesia, thought as the soundtrack for a videogame, and inspired by chiptune music. The full album can be listened to and downloaded for free here: https://gvarela.bandcamp.com/releases (in various formats), and also here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wt7oa4a8zixfcak/AAA4ecZ0Un4ERXoLhEdwx9uha?dl=0 (in lossless FLACs).

    I wanted to ask you to give it a listen, and if you like it of course I would love to be featured in your page. I didn’t make the album to sell it but to show my music to everyone interested in listening to it, so all publicity is greatly appreciated. Of course I can also send you more information about me and the album if you want to.

    Hope you like it, thank you very much, and have a nice day!

  11. Hi Andy i was wondering where i can buy a atari 800xl and a Multi Game cartridge with very rare games programmed into the cartridge?, that is for the atari 800 and the atari 800xl.

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