RAM Music Machine

This is one of my latest purchases off eBay. The RAM Music Machine is a device that transform your Spectrum into a powerful music computer. Sound sampling, eight voices, MIDI port, reverb and echo.

The following description of the device was taken from World of Spectrum

Its a full sound sampling system allowing any sound to be recorded digitally into computer RAM. Once stored, the sound can be replayed at different pitches with any varying effects.

Its an echo chamber & digital delay line. Create very interesting effects.

Various sampled sounds are provided to get you going.

The Music Machine can be used as a drum machine – eight drum sounds are provided, but you can easily produce your own.

RAM Music Machine PCB RearThe powerful software allows you to compose tunes from individual bars of music. You can edit on screen & Save/Load sounds, instruments & rhythm.

Its a two voice music/sound system.

Fully MIDI compatible. The Ram Music Machine supports full MIDI In, MIDI Out & MIDI Thru.

Output through your hi-fi or headphones. Comes complete with microphone.

Use a full size MIDI keyboard to play the Music Machine.

Sounds produced by the Music Machine can be mixed with a MIDI synthesiser’s own sounds.

On screen sound editor can produce MIDI data from your own compositions.

No other product can offer so much in one unit – it’s the total solution!

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