Writing BBC Micro disks with Greaseweazle

This guide was written using the Greaseweazle firmware and software version v0.18. The disks were tested on a BBC Master 128k with the PiTubeDirect second processor emulator.

For more information about the Greaseweasle, take a look here Greaseweazle – Flux level floppy disk tool

The tool I used to convert the disk images into a format that the Greaseweazle program understands is called HxCFloppyEmulator.

Writing BBC Micro SSD & DSD disk images

Using SSD disk images from my personal collection, I used the following method to write a SSD or DSD disk image to a 5 1/4 inch floppy disk.

  1. Convert the SSD or DSD images to the HxC format .hfe with the HxCFloppyEmulator program.
  2. Write the image to a blank 5 1/4 inch floppy disk using one of the following commands, dependant on what type of disk you are writing

For SSD (single sided image)

gw write --single-sided <FILENAME.HFE>

For DSD (Double sided image)

gw write <FILENAME.HFE>

BBC Micro disks successfully written

As well as DSD and SSD images for games, I have also written disk sets for

  • PanOS 1.4 – Disks from mdfs.net – MDFS::Mirror.Archive.Acorn.PanOS
  • CP/M – Disks from mdfs.net – MDFS::Mirror.Image.AcornCPM

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