SD2IEC – Commodore to SD Card adapter

SD2IEC is a hardware mass storage device using an SD/MMC card and interfacing with the Commodore IEC bus. It is based on the ATmega644 micro-controller from the Atmel AVR micro-controller family. The most prominent use of SD2IEC is emulation/replacement of a Commodore-1541 disk drive for a C64.

SD2IEC - Front

My board was made by a guy called ‘Charlie’. Its a brilliant little device!

Its very easy to use. You can copy either PRG files or D64 disk images. I’ve not found a single D64 disk image file that hasn’t worked. I’ve tested it on my C64 and my C128 which has JiffyDOS installed. Its so much quicker on the C128 in JiffyDOS mode.

There is more info about the device at C64-Wiki.

One thought on “SD2IEC – Commodore to SD Card adapter

  1. “You have not found one d64 that dont work”???? I dont understand this sentence from you. The half of the d64-Files dont work on the SD2IEC. All games and demos which use a special loader can not be loaded on d64. But instead of d64-files the user can use m2i-files, which are fixed to work on the SD2IEC. so for many games m2i-versions exist, but not for demos, which means, nearly all C64-demos dont work on SD2IEC. so as a conclusion it can be said, when people want to play games, the SD2IEC is okay, because the most of it works, but for demo-fans i would suggest a 1541Ultimate or Chameleon64. Nevertheless when you compare the price of SD2IEC and 1541U or Chameleon, then the SD2IEC has a good cost-benefit-ratio.

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