Datel Action Replay A.M.X

September 2023 update : I still have not had any luck locating any software for this.

In a recent haul of Amstrad CPC hardware and software, there was a Datel Action Replay A.M.X device (As well as the Yamaha XG MIDI Playback interface)

Amstrad CPC Action Replay AMX case
Amstrad CPC Action Replay AMX

This device differs to the Amstrad CPC Multiface for example as it does not have its software stored in a ROM chip. From a photo of the PCB, apart from the logic ICs, the only other IC is a HM6264LP-15 SRAM IC. This SRAM chip is a 64 K ( 8-kword X 8-bit ) IC.

Amstrad CPC Action Replay AMX PCB
Amstrad CPC Action Replay AMX PCB

Unfortunately, the Action Replay did not come with any software. I have checked several sites online and I am unable to locate a disk or tape image of the software. The only download that I can find is a copy of the PCB in Eagle format by Jose Leandro.

If you have a copy of the software, I would really appreciate it if you could send a copy to me. You can contact me via the social media links to the right of this page.

There is more information and photos about the Action Replay on this CPCWiki page : Action Replay AMX

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