Amstrad CPC 6128

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The CPC6128 features 128 KB RAM and an internal 3-inch floppy disk drive. Aside from various hardware and firmware improvements, one of the CPC6128’s most prominent features is the compatibility with the CP/M+ operating system that rendered it attractive for business uses.

The CPC6128 was released in August 1985 and initially only sold in the US. Imported and distributed by Indescomp, Inc. of Chicago, it was the first Amstrad product to be sold in the United States, a market that at the time was traditionally hostile towards European computer manufacturers.[9] By the end of 1985, it arrived in Europe and replaced the CPC664 in the CPC model line-up. Initial suggested retail prices for the CPC6128 were US$699.00/£299.00/DM1598.00 with a green screen and US$799.00/£399.00/DM2098.00 with a colour monitor.

In 1990, the 6128plus replaced the CPC6128 in the model line-up, and production of the CPC6128 was discontinued.

Source : Wikipedia

I have owned this CPC since new. The only part that has been replaced is the 3 inch drive.

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