Raspberry Pi model B now available to buy (If you are lucky!)

At 6am on the 29th of February 2012, the Raspberry Pi finally went on sale. These awesome single board computers are/were available to buy from either Farnell or RS Components.

I was up at 6am this morning – was I successful at getting a Pi? … No

However, I have registered my interest at RS Components. I wonder if I will get a call or email back from them today? Fingers cross.

If you were successful at getting your mits on one of these, please drop me a comment below.

The BBC have the following to say about the Raspberry Pi

Video removed – you need Flash to play it, and most people no longer have flash installed.

A credit-card sized computer designed to help teach children to code goes on general sale for the first time today.

The Raspberry Pi is a bare-bones, low-cost computer created by volunteers mostly drawn from academia and the UK tech industry. Sold uncased without keyboard or monitor, the Pi has drawn interest from educators and enthusiasts. Supporters hope the machines could help reverse a lack of programming skills in the UK.

“It has been six years in the making; the number of things that had to go right for this to happen is enormous. I couldn’t be more pleased,” said Eben Upton of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

You can read the rest of the BBC article at : The Raspberry Pi computer goes on general sale

4 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi model B now available to buy (If you are lucky!)

  1. Hi

    I ordered one of these 2 days later from Farnell UK by registering my interest, Some how the next day i got an email to order link and now my estimate is Aprill 30th, Weird this that people ordering before me seem to get a longer date?

    Anyway will let you know whenever it comes and also will be using it for testing game emulation such as the openpandora OS which has many good upto date emulators check out openpandora handheld gaming device



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