MicroSynth (BBC Micro) for iPhone/iPad by Pixelh8

You can now play BBC Micro sounds on your iPhone or iPad with this new app! The description on the iTunes page says the following about this app.

MicroSynth is exactly that, a tiny synth based on a wonderful Micro Computer which is now on the verge of being 30 years old! All of the sounds you hear are actual samples taken from one of my real Micros and all of the sounds were also programmed by me. I hope you you enjoy making music with this MicroSynth.

I downloaded this app and gave it a go last night. MicroSynth is dead easy to use. Even I can use it and I cant even play the keyboard! Sounds are well sampled and sound just right. Lets hope that Pixelh8 releases more similar apps like this. I would love to see a Amstrad CPC version! Everyone else has done the C64, so it would be nice to hear the AY-3-8912 sound chip.

You can download your copy from iTunes. Or take a look at Pixelh8’s website here.


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