Want to buy a BBC Micro? Read this!

Michelle wanted to buy a Acorn BBC Model B. She decided to buy one from Retro Clinic. She is very pleased with her purchase!

So, whats better? A random BBC of eBay or one from Retro Clinic? Michelle explains her experience.

Now think about how I got my hands on my other BBC this year. E-bay auction for £50 delivered. Sound like I got a good deal?

Well, first things first, remove from the Retro Clinic machine, the “Data Centre” and the sideways ram chip. That brings Retro Clinics price down to £90. A difference of £40. Keep that in mind.

Now lets take this the other way. Add the lowest cost solid state upgrade you can get, to the e-bayed PC, namely the MMC system at £25. That’s £75 against £150, (I’ve knocked a tenner off for the sideways ram) a difference of £75, but the difference in functionality and usability is considerable.

So initially it looks like the e-bay unit has still saved a chunk of cash. But is that really so? I mean, look at the extra manuals and materials that come with the Retro Clinic offering. 2gig CF card in the IDE slot for a start. A 2gig USB stick. Plus, the whole thing has been refurbished; no fear of the smoking death when you turn this baby on.

You can read the rest of the article at Retro Clinic makes sense.  (Link dead)

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