Action Replay Mk 4.1 to 6.0 upgrade (C64)

This is a very easy upgrade for your Action Replay 4.1 device. With version 6 of the software you get a few updates to the original software, and a few bugs are also fixed.

You will need :

  • 8 x 32k SRAM Chip (I used a UMC UM62256A I removed from a BBC Model B SRAM mod)
  • 28 pin DIL socket (You don’t need this, but its a good idea)
  • 27C256 EPROM or equivalent EEPROM
  • Action Replay 6.0 ROM image (Available here.)
  • Soldering iron, solder etc
  • EPROM/EEPROM programmer

Action Replay - Front What you need to do.

  1. Program your EPROM/EEPROM with version 6 of the Action Replay software.
  2. Dismantle the Action Replay. Mine was held together with 1 screw.
  3. Take the PCB out of the case.
  4. Carefully remove the large PROM at the bottom of the PCB near the edge connector.
  5. Solder in the 28 pin DIL socket.
  6. On the underside of the PCB, under where you just installed the DIL socket, you will see 3 solder pads. Join the 2 pads that are closed to the 2 buttons at the top. Photo here.
  7. Insert the SRAM chip in the new socket.
  8. Insert the EPROM you just programmed into the ROM socket.

Once you have finished, your board should look like this.

Action Replay - Upgraded

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