RCM November Open day this Sunday!

RCM Logo Its that time of year again – the November Retro Computer Museum open day! This is now the 3rd public event held by this museum.

I will be attenting the event again this year, and im currently planning to bring 3 systems. One is my recently obtained RM Nimbus PC-186, another is my Amstrad CPC6128 (Now with its additional 3.5″ drive) and also a Apple SE/30. The Apple may not make it to the weekend, as I think the display is about to fail. I do have a spare SE/30 but I doubt I will be able to swap componets around over the next few days. If the SE/30 doesnt go, I will take my 486 PC with a mixture of older games.

If you would like to know more about the event, please click the banner below. Hopefully I will see you there!


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