Cascade Cassette 50 advert

This is a advert for the “Cascade Cassette 50” games collection. Personally I think this was one of the worse games collection ever released!

I scanned this advert from the “Computing with the Amstrad” magazine Vol.2 No.1 January 1986.

Casette 50 advertYou can read more about these games on this Wikipedia article. Post a comment below to let me know what you think!

8 thoughts on “Cascade Cassette 50 advert

  1. Remember the ads well although I never stooped as low as to buy one! The calculator watch would have been the better part of the deal I think… I had a very similar one at the time, very basic but looked cool!

    Strange to think that all that was required to pay by credit card back then was the card number!

  2. It was very bad but no worse than others of the same ilk. Anyhow who cares about the tape? It came with a free Calculator watch. I think I still have mine. (never used it though)

  3. hey, I wrote 10 games of the vic 20 version. I was only 15 at the time and earned £65 for my trouble. Never did computers at o level or Cse after that, After, I did write a C16 machine code 4 reel fruit machine like sidewinder but no one wanted to buy it……sorry to have conned all those people, i still feel embarrassed

  4. @steve williams:
    Why do you personally feel you’ve conned everyone. Perhaps the negativity toward the fairness of this game pack stems from the fact the publishing house illustrations
    do not coincide with the actual relevance of games.

    It’s simply a case of being lured by overhyped advertising, expectations of 50 games, the artwork and your pocket money compounded annoyance and frustration as a child.

    1. ….because i know even then I wouldnt have paid a tenner for that. i would have had to gone without school dinners a week to pay for that. yeah, they were crap. The best games I had were Arcadia and jetpac. What they could have done was say…. I like your games but if you can do it in Machine code we’ll give you alot more… that would have got me going. When I used to deliver papers on my round I would see the crappy tape every Sunday Morning, News of the World, etc…………. im not upset by anyone’s comments

  5. @steve williams: Awesome dude! Writing code in those days was only for the hardcore, these days with all the compilers and multicoloured editors… aah we are so spoiled. I think if anyone was conned it was you though – 65 quid for 10 games! I would have pushed them for more dough 😉

    1. cheers, i know if I stuck at it I could have done a bit better. “Dr Watson’s” was good for showing machine code and made it more staightforward although I found it hard to use only the Acc, X and Y registers and Stack. The Speccy Z80 seemed to have more registers for variables if I remember rightly. 6502 chip LDAIM 80 assembly in machine code was 169,80 ( LET A=80 in BASIC)…… dont remember much else…….. wanted to be a JEFF MINTER

  6. (In a spectacular display of poor netiquette, I shall reply to this year old thread)..

    Hi, Steve..

    I was wondering if you ever wrote any games for the ZX Spectrum? I’m trying to locate a ZX Spectrum author who shares your name.


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