Gameboy, Pi and SNES controller in catastrophic pile up!

Ben at Phenoptix has made a nice hybrid handheld console – The PiBoy.


At first glance this made me rather sad. Two classics brutally butchered for the sake of an ugly emulator. The pad looks not like a SNES controller but a Super Famicom controller, which has a special place in my heart as back in the day Japan got all the cool stuff first and my brother would get it second through the likes of Lik-Sang. The Famicom controller had those cool buttons, reminiscent of Palma Violets and was reputedly 20% smaller than the UK / US versions as Japanese people had smaller hands. I could google that for confirmation but won’t as the fact is from the day and I won’t let the truth spoil it!

Read more here / Source : Gameboy, Pi and SNES controller in catastrophic pile up!

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