Google Sponsors Centre for Computing History

The Centre for Computing History, Cambridge is delighted to announce a new educational partnership with Google. This will involve an exciting new initiative to introduce computer programming to children across the UK.Children using BBC Micro
Museum Director Jason Fitzpatrick explains: “Our primary purpose with the Road Show is to expose students to the beauty and joy of computing. This will include a fresh and unusual, multi-faceted introduction to coding. We’ll be working with the National STEM Centre when the whole venture kicks off in the autumn at York University.
“We’re very grateful to Google whose generosity has made the whole enterprise possible. With their help and that of other supporters like Samsung we hope to reach as many children as possible.”
Google’s funding occurs as schools across the country face a radical overhaul of the ICT curriculum, due to come into force in September 2014. The restructuring of the subject, which will affect children from the age of 5 upwards, will see the term ICT replaced with computing and a much stronger emphasis placed on the principles of computer science and practical programming.
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