The Microsoft InPort Mouse

This has to be one of my all-time favourite mice – The Microsoft InPort Mouse. Why I hear you cry…

  • Well built
  • Glides well for a ball mouse
  • It is a joy to use.
I still use this mouse with its InPort ISA adapter on my IBM AT PC. The InPort card used to be in my old IBM XT. I disposed of that PC a few years ago when it died.

Microsoft InPort Mouse - Whole kit
The part numbers on the ISA card are…

  • Part Number : 900-255-018 C3K6P8 Revision G
  • Copyright 1986 Microsoft Corporation

What do you think was the best mouse ever made? Let us know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “The Microsoft InPort Mouse

  1. I had one of those on my ICL 286. Microsoft have always made decent mice, much better than mice made by other people around the same time… like Atari and Commodore.

  2. I used to love using the Genius Mouse on the ZX Spectrum… Unfortunately I think it was only supported by OCP Art Studio. That didn’t stop me writing my own programs though 🙂

  3. OCP Art Studio on the speccy was great. I also had The Artist 2 and spent hours drawing horrible quality pictures 🙂 I also liked KidPix on the Mac.

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