IBM Personal Computer AT 5170 80286



This is one of the vintage computers I’d always wanted. The IBM Personal Computer AT (model 5170). This system was was released in 1984 as the fourth model in the IBM Personal Computer line, following the IBM PC XT and its IBM Portable PC variant. It was designed around the Intel 80286 microprocessor. The computer in the collection also contains the optional 80287 co-processor.

ISA cards installed in this PC are :-

  • Microsoft InPort mouse adapter
  • 2MB RAM Card
  • 3Com 3c509 Ethernet. RJ45, Coax and AUI
  • SoundBlaster 16 CT2230 (I have a Adlib clone card on order to replace the SB16)
  • Caching IDE & floppy controller. (The standard IBM MFM controller has been removed as I don’t have a working MFM hard disk.)

Due to limitations with the original IBM AT BIOS, I have swapped out the original BIOS for the Phoenix version. This allows me to add a type 47 hard disk. With a type 47, you can specify sectors, heads and cylinders. This means I can use 128 & 512MB Compact Flash storage instead of smaller. There is more information about alternative BIOSs here : Images of BIOS ROM’s for IBM 5150/5155/5160/5162/5170

This PC is currently running MS-DOS 5.0 and Microsoft Windows 3.1

Additional information





Serial Number


Year of Release



2M, 640k



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