Old and new, side by side.

Here are probably 2 of the most important computers of all time – The Macbook pro and the BBC Micro (Well, the BBC is definitely a very important machine!)

You can click on the photo above to see a higher resolution copy on Flickr.

Here are the specifications of the 2 machines.

BBC Model B

  • CPU : MOS Technologies 6502 at 2Mhz
  • RAM : 32k as standard (This one has 52k RAM)
  • Storage : Either audio casette or disk. This one has a SD Card reader acting as a disk drive
  • Graphics : 640×256 with 8 colours + teletext (Mode 7)
  • OS : OS 1.20 and Watford Electronics DDFS 1.50

Apple MacBook Pro

  • CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.26Ghz
  • RAM : 2GB DDR3
  • Storage : 160Gb SATA
  • Graphics : 1280×800 16 Million colours
  • OS : Apple OS X 10.6.3

The BBC is the older machine, but it boots to its OS in under a second. If only modern Macs and PCs would be as quick.

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