RISC OS London Show 2010 this weekend.

Sat 23rd October 2010
St Giles Hotel – Feltham, London

After the huge success of last year’s show the RISC OS User Group Of London (ROUGOL) is again organising the London show.

From Beagleboards using the new ARM Cortex CPU, via the latest RISC OS developments on RiscPCs, all the way back to the BBC Domesday system, the RISC OS London Show will feature an eclectic mix of the old and new.

I will be at this event with the rest of the guys from The Centre for Computing History.

Exhibitors include…

  1. 3rd Event Technologies – AMCS Music Creation system. Quincy Coleman demonstrating the Acorn derived music sequencer.
  2. Archive Magazine The monthly subscription magazine, for all users of RISC OS software and hardware.
  3. The Centre for Computing History The computer museum preserves and presents a collection of important computers, hopefully they’ll bring their Acorns!
  4. Chris’s Acorns Chris Whytehead with a BBC Domesday System.
  5. CJE Micro’s – The Fourth Dimension The dealer with it all, if it’s not in stock, it probably doesn’t exist.
  6. The MathMagical Software Company Martin Hansen exploring the world of maths and graphics.
  7. MW Software Demonstrating the latest updates to ArtWorks and Techwriter.
  8. Organizer 2 Nigel Willmott with the latest updates to the personal management software.
  9. Orpheus Internet The RISC OS friendly ISP.
  10. Qercus The magazine for all RISC OS users.
  11. R-CompR-Comp and R-Comp Interactive with a full range of hardware and software.
  12. Retro Clinic With exiting hardware upgrades, such as USB and IDE, for your 8-bit machines.
  13. RiscDJ Michael Emerton demonstrating RiscDJ, a digital music library supporting hundreds of thousands of MP3 and OGG tracks.
  14. RisControl/BeebControlThe rise of the machines, Neil Fazakerley will be demostrating his giant robot arms controlled by computer.
  15. RISC OS !Helpdesk Bernard Veasey will be on hand to answer your questions about some of RISC OS’s most common software and will also be able to show items from his extensive freeware collection.
  16. RISCOS Ltd Providing RISC OS users with over 10 years of updates to the Operating System.
  17. RISC OS Open Ltd Charged by Castle with maintaining the Shared Source RISC OS, come along and see the latest developments such as the Beagleboard.
  18. ROUGOL The RISC OS Users Group Of London, the show organisers will be on hand to try to tempt you to its upcomming meetings and talk about RISC OS in London in general.
  19. RPCEmu The cross platform Risc PC emulator.
  20. Sine Nomine Software Sine Nomine will have updated versions of the Impact Database, SuperDoku and House of Cards.
  21. Soft Rock Software Vince Hudd with his huge selection of RISC OS utilities and applications.

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