Lots of new items added to the collection – August 2010

Good haul at Wisbech carboot sale today.

  • Amstrad CPC464.
  • Amstrad DD1 disk drive for the 464 (Wanted one of these for ages!)
  • Amstrad CPC colour monitor.
  • Amstrad MP1 – Power supply and RF modulator for the CPC464 only. (No 12v for 664/6128)
  • Amstrad CPC firmware manuals.
  • Lots of CPC disks and tapes including business and programming software.
  • 4 boxes of boxed Amiga games.
  • 100s of Amiga ‘backups’.
  • C64 tapes.
  • Lots of various programming books.

The CPC464 and monitor work great. The DD1 disk drive will need a new drive belt.

2 thoughts on “Lots of new items added to the collection – August 2010

  1. Nice haul there Andy, must get out to more boot sales a little more often. Passed a huge one on the way to Thetford yesterday but didn’t have time to stop unfort 🙁

    p.s Nice blog make over BTW, loving the ‘Boken’ background image.

    p.p.s See you on Friday at Eurocon!

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