Gadget Show live – my thoughts

gadget-show-headerWhat a fantastic event!

Obviously, the “Gadget Hall Of Fame” part of the show was my favorite. This display was run by the Centre For Computing History based in Cambridge Haverhill. They had plenty of machines on display. Ranging from the ZX Spectrum, Apple iMac, Commodore 64, Binatone TV games (Pong etc) and a BBC Model B. Sadly, no Amstrad CPCs! Have told Jason from the museum to make sure there is one on display next year (if they are invited to go back…) It was nice to see the youngsters looking at the computers we used to use. I also saw a lot of adults saying “I used to have one of those”. I was walking around saying “I’ve still got one of those that I still use”

There were a lot of technology companies exhibiting there, Including LG, Panasonic, Epson, HP and Nintendo. I was very surprised at some of the big names not attending. Notably Apple and Microsoft. I thought an Apple stand would have gone down a storm. Maybe next year…..

The event also felt a bit cramped. With 10,000 people attending per day, they should have had a bit more floor space. Also, the food was expensive, especially the hot meat stand. Luckily, my wife prepared a packed lunch for us, so we did not need to pay these ridiculous prices.

I did see Gail Porter recording some footage for the show. I also saw Jason Bradbury signing his book. Did not see Ortis, John or Suzi.

I will upload some photos to my Flickr account this evening.

I would like to say thanks again to Jason for supplying me with free tickets.

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  1. No Vic20 either! I agree on the food prices…Cost me £6 for a coffee and a sandwich! Our group met John B and Suzi, the latter nearly stormed off in disgust as our group announced their love for West Bromwich Albion 🙂

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