BBC MMC/SD Card interface

This is the next project I will be taking on – the BBC SD Card interface!

After reading Charlie’s post on his blog, I posted a comment for more info. I later received a reply to my comment and a email with the following URL to a post on the Stairway to Hell forum with more info on the interface. The original post can be found here.

Layout by thedark

Looks like the guys on the forum have put in a lot of work to get the SD interface designed. One forum contributor has created the board layout that you can see on the left.

With the design on the left, I have enough info on how to build the interface. He has used surface mount resistors, but I will use normal wired resistors as I have a large stock of them. Biggest challenge will be getting ahold of the L78133 3.3v voltage regulator. Charlie suggested I contact BitsBox to see if they have any in stock. He also suggested that I could use HT7133 but said they are a little weedy. Another alternative is the 1086v33, but this regulator comes in a larger package.

So, I will start building the interface as soon as I acquire the regulator. Watch this space for updates!

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