Retro Desk for April Fools Day

One of our DBAs at work decided to go on sabbatical. Part of the company policy is that if you do go on a sabbatical, you have to leave your company laptop behind.

Nick returns to the office on April 1st, so we thought we would play a little joke on him. We are going to say that we had to give his laptop to someone else. In its place, he now has a Commodore 64 sitting on his desk. Check out the photo below!


We didn’t have a Commodore 1084 monitor to hand so we had to use a 17″ TFT screen. Obviously, the C64 does not have a VGA or DVI output! Luckily I had a VGA box going spare. This allows you to connect a composite video device to a VGA monitor.

6 thoughts on “Retro Desk for April Fools Day

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  2. Sadly, the C64 is back home now.

    We now have my Sun SparcStation 20 instead. After the bank holiday, I may swap it for my IBM AT 286. Anyone for alley cat or digger?

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