VIC-20 PC is built!

Last night, I built the VIC-20 PC! Its not the final build as internal parts are currently held down by black tape and sticky foam pads.
It was running quite warn, so I had to add two extra fans. Its now running 20C cooler.
There is another issue with graphics performance. For example, the speed of the Megadrive emulator, Fusion is great, and the same with the Atari 2600 emulator with 50fps etc. However, Winape(the CPC emulator) runs really slow. You get 5 or 6 frames per second. Also, video playback from Youtube is just as bad. Im thinking it some kind of graphics driver issue.

No photos yet, but will be posting some up over the weekend.

5 thoughts on “VIC-20 PC is built!

  1. Andy,
    That is wicked, absolutely stunning work. I would be brilliant to turn on a vic20 or Commodore 64 and watch windows or another os boot up! Fantastic!
    Trouble is . . . I want one for my Museum! Seriously, really nice work!!!
    Much Respect!
    Andy Spencer

  2. I believe your low fps issue in WinApe is related to the slow CPU/RAM combination. A later model motherboard would probably do the trick. I can do some tests on my MII10000 and get back to you.

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