Adapt Electronics Spectrum RGB Output Module

This little expansion module for the ZX Spectrum is a Adapt Electronics Spectrum RGB Output Module. Basically, it gives your 48k Sinclair Spectrum a nice and sharp RGB video output. RGB video is miles better than RF, and even better than composite video. The RGB output put uses the same pinout as the Acorn BBC range of computers.

The picture is a little wavy in places. I will be replacing the electralytic capacitors to see if it makes any difference. You can download a copy of the manual from here : Manuals

One thought on “Adapt Electronics Spectrum RGB Output Module

  1. Hello Andy.

    Very interesting that piece of hardware.

    I have a similar device, but from a french maker:

    I researched a bit on the internet and it seems your adapter delivers TTL level RGB output, so I think it should be better to connect it to a digital RGB monitor?
    Probably an analogue monitor (or TV) will also work through scart socket but TTL RGB levels are likely to have a peak-to-peak voltage level that exceeds scart specification, so if possible you should have someone to check with an oscilloscope if signals are adequate or need to be atenuated (with in line resistors usually).

    Changing capacitors is a good idea, however it seems that Y, U and V signals on the spectrum expansion connector at the back get noise from the inside circuits (memories) and thus there is always some electric interference on the picture.

    I have that same problem and it seem almost impossible to avoid. I have tried cleaning the connectors, used shielded cables for connecting to tv and replaced memories for a modern sram module. It got better but it is not as good as a 128K RGB for example.

    Anyway, please let now what were your results after changing the capacitors.



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