Peterborough STEM Festival 2019 – Photos

On the 12th October 2019, RetroComputers.Online attended this years Peterborough STEM Festival. We were invited to display a small selection of our computers and handheld educational games.

All of the systems we took were very popular. Lemmings on the Philips CD-i was very popular as well as Chuckie Egg on the BBC Model B+

We have been asked to come back again next year. What 5 systems would you like to be able to use? Check out the list of our systems here. – Retro Computer Collection

2 thoughts on “Peterborough STEM Festival 2019 – Photos

  1. Apologies if I have missed some emails mentioning this in advance, but this is the first I have heard of the festival.

    If I had known about it beforehand I probably would have attended as its not far up the road for me.

    Maybe next year ?


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