The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ (Plus) Console

Hot on the heels of the ZX Spectrum Vega, Retro Computers Ltd have announced the Iindiegogo campaign for the new Vega+. The Vega+ is a battery powered handheld game system containing 1000 licenced games. You can connect the Vega+ to a standard PAL or NTSC TV for some large screen 8bit action using a composite video cable. There is still not HDMI connection option and they have also not disclosed how long the battery will last for.

You can also run other games that are not included in the internal storage. You can put .TAP, .Z80 and .SZX files on a micro SD card. You can run games for the 48k and 128k models.

ZX Spectrum Vega Plus

The new device will be made my SMS Electronics Ltd of Nottinghamshire, the same company behind the original Vega.

Would I buy one of these? No. Why I hear you cry? I have the real thing and I can emulate a number of machines on my mobile phone or my Sony PSP. The Vega+ would probably end up in my drawer with my unused Megadrive device from Blaze. To be honest, I don’t think this device is targeted at a person like me.

For more information about the Vega+, visits their Indiegogo page here.

Latest Update 10th February 2017

First Vega + units will ship after the 20th February 2017

On 9th April 2016, Paul Andrews and Chris Smith resigned as directors of Retro Computers Limited (“RCL”) and simultaneously confirmed their intention to sell their shareholding in RCL.

Since that time Paul Andrews and Chris Smith have made numerous public and press statements distancing themselves from RCL and their business affairs.

On the 18th November 2016, at a critical point in the production of the Vega+, Paul Andrews and Chris Smith launched injunctive proceedings in the High Court against five parties including RCL.

They later abandoned all claims against one of the Defendants having made a number of serious allegations, and 3 out of their 4 claims brought against the remaining Defendants.  As a consequence there are cost implications for Mr Andrews and Mr Smith.

On the only remaining claim in issue, the Court found that Mr Andrews should be allowed to retain his shareholding in RCL – the same company he seeks to distance himself from.

RCL’s Board also confirms that it has asked Mr Andrews to repay an undisclosed sum of money back to RCL.

Finally, we wish to apologise to the people who have backed this campaign as this legal action placed the current management team in a position where they did not feel they could make any comment.

We are, however, delighted to say that the first units will ship after the 20th February 2017.

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