Watching Micro Men via XBMC on the Raspberry Pi

Its been a while since I have used my Raspberry Pi, so i though I would give XBMC a go. XBMC is a multimedia player for many systems, including the original XBOX and the Raspberry Pi.

XBMC on the Raspberry Pi

Getting XBMC running was really easy – but im not going to tell you how to install it. There are plenty of guides already on the Internet that tell you how to do it.

The only configuration change I had to make was to set the audio to come out via the 3.5″ audio jack. The monitor I use in my study doesn’t have a HDMI socket, so I have to use a HDMI to DVI cable. DVI does not carry a audio signal.

The ultimate test for me was to get a video file playing. The natural choice of program was Micro Men. Most of my video files have subtitles as my wife is deaf.

Micro Men on the Raspberry Pi

I really do think that XBMC is going to be one of the most popular uses of the Raspberry Pi in the home.

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