New Addition – Acorn A7000

Acorn A7000 logo Picked up one of these yesterday – An Acorn A7000.

The specifications for this machine are…

  • CPU: ARM7500 clocked at 32 MHz. With hardware floating point unit, clocked at 48 MHz.
  • Memory type: 4 MiB FPM motherboard mounted and, 1 SIMM slot, supporting a maximum memory size of 132 MiB
  • Video subsystem: VIDC20 controller integrated into ARM7500 core, display memory is shared with main memory.
  • Expansion: One Eurocard-sized Podule support in common with Archimedes-series machines. One internal network card socket.
  • Case: One 3.5 inch bay, with floppy drive, one 5.25 inch bay for a CD-ROM. Note, only one of a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM or an Eurocard Podule could be fitted.
  • Ports: RS-232 Serial, Parallel, PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, headphone audio out, DE15 VGA, network (optional).
  • Dimensions, HxWxD: 102 x 357 x 283 mm
  • Operating System: RISC OS 3.60 A7000

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