One of the First Raspberry Pi Computers Donated to Museum

One of the first 10 Raspberry Pi computers to be released has been purchased on Ebay and donated to The Centre for Computing History by an anonymous donor.

10 of the eagerly awaited $25 computers were listed on Ebay for auction and enthusiastic bidders around the world bid frantically for the rare opportunity to own one of these first production boards. The auction for board #7 ended on 8th January at a final bid of £989 which obviously included free delivery!

Jason Fitzpatrick, Director of the museum, said “We are really pleased and quite taken aback at this generous donation. We are extremely supportive of the Raspberry Pi project and feel that it could usher in a new era for computing, allowing potential programmers to ‘get to the bits’ and who knows, maybe create the next big thing!

We will be purchasing a number of the (somewhat cheaper) Raspberry Pi’s to take out for school visits and help promote the programming in schools initiative – something we very strongly believe in.”

The Raspberry Pi is a $25 ARM GNU/Linux box that has a myriad of uses but is generally aimed at the educational market to help bring programming back into the syllabus.

You can read the rest of the article at : One of the First Raspberry Pi Computers Donated to Museum

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