Miner Man for the ZX81


“Play through 60 levels of puzzles, mazes and traps. Each level will present the player with different amount of gems to collect. To collect the gems the player will have to work through the levels avoiding the traps and solving the puzzles.” (taken from the original game)


Possibly for the first time in history, a ZX81 conversion of an Xbox 360 game – two machines separated by 25 years. Admittedly it doesn’t have all 60 of the original levels, some of the in-game features, any sound, colour graphics, and all the rest, but it does take over 1100 times less memory to run!

More details on the original game can be found at the Electric Wolf website – http://www.electricwolf.co.uk/ which also contains a link to the Xbox marketplace where you can download the demo or full version of the game.

Although the game may look similar to Boulder Logic released earlier in the year, and indeed that supplied the starting code-base, the game logic is very different – the boulders don’t fall under gravity, but instead roll in a preset compass direction – changing the game from an against-the-clock arcade game into a crafty puzzler.

There is more information about this game at the authors website here.

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