Nyan cat for the BBC Micro

This is Nyan Cat for the BBC Micro by CRTC. This demo was released at the Sunrise Demo party in 2011. See the following pouet page for more info : beebnyan by CRTC You can download a SSD containing beebnyan from that site to either run inside a emulator, or on a real BBC Computer.

Can you watch the video to the end?

I recorded this video on a real BBC Master 128. The original sound output from the BBC wasn’t great, so I recorded the audio direct onto my laptop and overlaid the sound onto the video. The BBC isn’t known for its audio quality!

You may also notice I have copied the demo to the :0 ADFS hard drive. My :0 is a 512mb CF card attached to a RetroClinic Datacenter USB/IDE interface.

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