2 thoughts on “What's your preferred display for your old computer?

  1. I chose CRT for this poll, but on the workbench I use an LCD monitor for a number systems in combination with a RF Tuner/Composite/S-Video -> VGA converter.

    I feel that the best results for most systems designed for CRT seems to be with CRT. I even have a small selection of 70s and 80s TVs to show people what TV based systems really looked like, though I wouldn’t use them every day 🙂

  2. It depends, in some of this systems I can get a CRT for the cheap so I’m not going to spend more if it works good, also in some of them stuff will not work with newer monitors so no other options, second place would be LCD because the price is still decent and it is still somewhat compatible and a realistic option for the resolutions you will be using, I’m talking about letterbox LCDs because I don’t like widescreen LCDs that much.

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