Retrovision/Llamasoft : 20-22 May 2011

After the success of RV2010, this will be a free ticketed event open to members of the YakYak/RV and Retro Gamer Forum communities.

There will be a BBQ on Saturday (at £5 per person) and Curry Trip on Sunday evening, along with plenty of beer and gaming and more beer, and a few competitions.

The dates have been confirmed, so its now fine to start booking hotels and to put the dates in your diary for another fun weekend of madness in Oxford.

If you are coming please post to this thread so we can get an idea of numbers attending (we don’t want it too crowded like it was this year!)

Event website:
Yay Yak forum thread:
Retro Gamer forum thread: … =6&t=25704
Scale: Est. 50 – 75 attendees

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