Petition to get Micro Men released to BluRay and DVD

The BBC documentary “Micro Men” was an enjoyable comedy drama describing the rivalry between both Sinclair and Acorn in the early 80’s. There are no plans for this to be released on Blu-Ray or DVD. This petition has been created to try and persuade the BBC to release this, along with any additional material for people who enjoyed this era, understanding the importance of the UK computer industry in shaping the PC market as it stands today.

Please sign the “Micro Men to be released to BluRay and DVD petition.

11 thoughts on “Petition to get Micro Men released to BluRay and DVD

  1. I watched ‘Micro Men’, and it was so good. After watching it, I felt quite sad, as Sinclair and Acorn was so advanced and leading the computer world, and if they had joined together, might today still be at the forefront. i would love to buy this DVD, and any others about the early 80’s Computing.

  2. I am really disappointed that this excellent documentary is not available on DVD. I spent a few days working at the acorn office in Cambridge, just after the BBC B was released. The portrayal of the staff and atmosphere was striking and brought back some great memories.

  3. I would buy this on BluRay. I think it is an excellent documentation of how computers came to be – and how people can achieve their goals…

  4. I have this saved in my sky+ planner and watch it regularly. It is an iconic reminder of the growth in personal computing and the rise of Sinclair and acorn. Come on BBC release it. As an early 40 something I remember the growth with fond memories and really think the programme is a fine testimony to this era of computing.

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