Cobalt RaQ2 Restore CD

Sadly, the links I had are now dead. I will look for an alternative source for the files. Andy – 28 April 2020

Took me a while to find a free download of this CD! You can download the Cobalt RaQ2 Restore CD from here.  Link dead (RaQ2-20052006.iso)

You can also download the restore CD for many other Cobalt devices from  Link dead

The Cobalt RaQ is a 1U rackmount server product line developed by Cobalt Networks, Inc. (later purchased by Sun Microsystems) featuring a modified Red Hat Linux operating system and a proprietary GUI for server management. The original RaQ systems were equipped with RM5230 or RM5231 CPUs but later models used AMD K6-2 chips and then eventually Intel Pentium III CPUs for the final models.

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  1. Thank You for these links. I have severals of the Raq 2 Series (2 Raq-2s, CacheRaq and a NasRaq) and lost my hard drive with the images on them. Very helpful since Sun is no longer Sun.

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