What computer does Lord Sugar use to tweet?

Lord Alan Sugar uses an Amstrad NC200 Notebook Computer of course! 🙂

The NC200 is a Z80 based notebook computers. It has in-built applications that include word processing, spreadsheet, games and BBC Basic. It also has a 3.5″ 720k floppy drive to save your documents onto and has 128k of battery backed up RAM.

Amstrad NC200 on Twitter

Well, technically it isn’t actually sending the message to Twitter. I have used its serial communications package to connect to my Linux server. The Linux server is running getty to provide serial access. I have written a small BASH script that uses twidge to send and receive Twitter messages.

Amstrad NC200 on Twitter

The script is currently scripted to work with a 80×16 screen. There is no reason why I cant modify the script for it to work on a Amstrad CPC6128, BBC Model B, a Research Machines RM380Z or any machine with a RS232 compatible serial port.

8 thoughts on “What computer does Lord Sugar use to tweet?

  1. You can hook up any device that supports RS232 serial communications.

    The script I wrote has been written to display text on a 80×16 screen, but the script can be modified for bigger screens.

      1. Hi we’ve sent a few of these out to various places and they’ve had good feedback but it’s starting to add to the overall price with them being fairly niche and not selling in large quantities. I’d be happy to give you a large discount on one though if you can feature it on your site? If you email me directly I can sort something out. I’m all up for getting as many old computers on modern wifi networks as we can so they can be put to good use and not just end up in the loft or in landfill ! 🙂

  2. Hi Andy – are you still up for a free unit? We’ve got some more made up now and aren’t quite as skint as last month so I’m happy to send one over if you send me your details… We have to just stagger out any freebies or review units a bit as we’ve always done these for love rather than making any money. Thanks again 🙂

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