RetroNET – The Retrocomputerist's Internet Portal.

Stumbled across RetroNET today. Im going to try and connect to it from my BBC Master and Amstrad CPC6128. Maybe even from my Apple II!

RetroNET is an internet portal geared toward users of “obsolete” computer systems, especially 8-bit systems of the ’70s and ’80s. The system is designed to be easily accessible to both modern and “retro” equipment.

What services are included?

  • telnet access to the Master Control Program shell (MCP).
  • modem access to the MCP – coming soon!
  • access to the World Wide Web via the lynx browser.
  • internet email and newsgroup access with pine.
  • webmail
  • personal webspace.
  • personal gopherspace.
  • file transfers by ftp, zmodem and kermit.
  • online BASIC programming.
  • external BBS links.
  • Scrawl Wall microBBS.
  • …and games!

You can visit RetroNET by going to

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