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According to designed the world’s first IBM compatible pocket computer, the Pocket PC, sold under license by Atari as the Portfolio. Ideal for improving personal productivity it is a cost-effective solution for those needing the portability of a pocket computer.

It is extremely versatile and there is a comprehensive range of third party software packages for sales forces, engineers, solicitors, financial consultants and other mobile professionals. A wide range of hardware peripherals is also available.

The Pocket PC weighs less than one pound, is the size of a video cassette and, in typical use, runs for over six weeks on a set of batteries.

My pocket PC came in a leather carry case with manual and a 32kb RAM card.

dip Pocket PC

Application menu
The application menu
32kb Memory card
32kb Memory card

2 thoughts on “Addition – dip Pocket PC

  1. How interesting that it has an ‘Atari’ button, but isn’t the Atari branded version.

    I have a Portfolio with some sort of Compact Flash modification that lets me use a CF card instead of their proprietary memory cards.

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