MITH's Vintage Computers

Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) have opened up their own Vintage Computer museum. I find it interesting that whilst we had the BBC Micro in schools in the UK, the Americans had Apple ][s etc.

This site demonstrates a description scheme and model for preservation and use of computing devices. The key features here are navigation of a computer system through hierarchical component browsing (the items listed on the right side of an item’s page) and navigation across computing devices through tag groupings (‘video card’, ‘motherboard’, etc.). Tags for an item are found near the bottom of the item’s page. Every item is accompanied with some basic descriptive and technical metadata, and these fields can be refined and expanded upon by an administrator, as use requires. Where it is possible metadata on actual manufacture dates and companies has been given, and an emphasis on connections (external and internal) and the use capacity of the device (read/write abilities, OS affordances, etc.) is attempted

Visit the museum here.

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