Vintage Computer Festival 2010 is this weekend!

This weekend (19th and 20th June) sees the Vintage Computer Festival visiting the UK for the very first time. This event has been held in the United States and Germany in the past.

The event will be held at a very important place that helps us deeply during the second world war – Bletchley Park. The event is being organised by “The National Museum Of Computing” who are based at Bletchley Park. Chris Searle, presenter of BBC’s 1980s The Computer Programme will be opening the event.

There are many fun and interesting things to see and do during the two day event. Highlights include…

  • Exhibition of private collections
  • Guest lectures and presentations about old and some new technology
  • Machine demonstrations
  • Vintage flea market

There are a few speakers who I would like to go and see if I get the time. They are

  • Sophie Wilson talking about Acorn
  • Adam Bradley talking about Cray super computers
  • Tony Sale talking about Colossus

…and many more. (If I can briefly leave my display!)

Another highlight of the weekend that I will be definitely attending is the OMD session on Saturday. I was very lucky to obtain a ticket as they sold out very quickly – many thanks to Dave Moore for getting mine.

Be sure that you come and say hi to me if you are at the event. I will be working on The Centre for Computing History stand in the Mansion. We will have a excellent display of computers from Amstrad and Sinclair. We will have some of the more popular machines from these companies, and a few rarities too!

You can read more about the event on the following website.

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