Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ PBS Executive IV

Computing history have a new and interesting addition to their collection – the Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ PBS Executive IV.

ZX Spectrum+ planning started in June 1984, and was released in October the same year.This 48 KB Spectrum (development code-name TB) introduced a new QL-style enclosure with a much needed injection-moulded keyboard and a reset button, retailing for £179.95. Early on, the machine outsold the rubber-key model 2:1; however, some retailers reported very high failure rates.

  • CPU   Zilog Z80A
  • SPEED   3.5 MHz
  • RAM   48k
  • ROM   16k

The Spectrum+ was taken by Portable Business Systems Limited in 1985 and incorporated in a large briefcase style which incorporated the ZX Intercae I, ZX Microdrive, power supply and the Alphacom 32 printer. Our unit is type: 230186 with a serial number of 1376

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    1. Hi ya just found an old q/a by yourself,I was just wondering if you ever found out a price for your spectrum one executive IV. It would really help I’ve had no luck with it. Many thanx jason

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