One thought on “Addition – Sega Mega Drive + 5 games

  1. Have recently acquired one of these myself. The hardware has really held up well and my old favourites play beautifully. I think these are going to start becoming very sought after in the coming years.
    I owned one at the height of their popularity. The quality of the games started to decline in the latter years which I think which probably contributed to it’s demise.
    I will always have fond memories though, of seeing Sonic the Hedgehog moving for the first time, the graphics were so fast! And I still play the isometric 3D classic Desert Strike series to this day. Like a fine wine, they can never be bettered and I wanted to play them on the original hardware and not in emulation.
    Iconic, ground breaking and more importantly cool. The Megadrive is a pivotal part of gaming history that laid the foundations for Sony’s Playstation. It was when the world suddenly discovered what us geeks had known all along – Gaming is COOL! (and for adults too, not just kids)

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