The Nintendo NAS (NES)

Here it is – the Nintendo NAS! (NAS = Network Attached Storage)

The Nintendo NAS contains the following hardware.

  • CV860A Motherboard with onboard Via Eden C3 at 800Mhz
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • 400Gb 3.5″ IDE Hard disk.
  • 3 * 100MB Lan connections

The LEDs on the front panel indicate power, disk activity and LAN activity. The power button turns the NAS on (funny that!) The reset button is not connected.

I’ve not put a CDROM drive inside the unit that utilises the cartridge flap on the front. Ive mounted the hard drive behind it instead.

This is the back of the NAS. Its not the best dremmel work, but it will do for now. I’m planning to tidy it up a bit in the future. Im sure a piece of fine sandpaper would do the trick.

This picture shows the inside of the NAS.

The plan was to install FreeNAS, but I’ve now decided to put Ubuntu server on instead. I can then put a Apache web server installation on it and publish its website to the internet. I will put a guest book system on it, so visitors can sigh the log. Keep an eye on . I should have the site live by the new year.

Website is now live off line. Take a look at

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