Dragon 32 fully working + how to load game.

After making the cassette tape cable for the Dragon 32, i managed to load a game onto the system!

Here are the pin-outs I used for my cable. I got this info from here.

      /    U    \
     (           )
     ( 3       1 )
     (  5     4  )
      \    2    /

  1  Remote control
  2  Ground
  3  Remote control
  4  Input from cassette (from EAR)
  5  Output from Dragon (to MIC)

To load a tape file on the Dragon, do the following…

  1. Create the tape lead.
  2. Convert the game from a .CAS file to a .WAV file. I use a tool called DC.EXE to do this.
  3. Play back the .WAV file with the Dragon connected to your computer via the EAR socket on the tape cable. You may need to experiment with the volume to get the correct volume level for the game to load correctly.
  4. Use the relevant loading method for the tape image you are using. i.e CLOAD “” for a BASIC programs for CLOADM”” for a binary programs.

Post a comment if you find this information useful! Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Dragon 32 fully working + how to load game.

  1. I know someone who stores his ZX Spectrum games on an audio CD and plays that into his Speccy to load games. It’s even stranger to see in real life because it’s a ZX Spectrum +2 with built in tapedeck, so he has one of those car CD kits with the fake tape shoved in its tapedeck.

    I wonder if you could load games from an MP3 player.

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